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"Navigating Life's stormy Seas, So you don't have to."

About us

My name is Collin Joseph Fleming, and i am the owner and CEO of Norseman Financials LLC. We come from The Health & Life Insurance sector starting back in 2020. Realizing the growing need & Demand for financial expertise and strategies, We decided that if we wanted it done right, we may as well do it ourselves! By partnering with the top resources in the space, Insurance Elevated has given us the tools and Ships to guide your goals to fruition.Fast forward 4 years of experience and A plethora of clients from all walks of life later, We have solidified ourselves as a top accredited resource in the space. Now it is never our goal to come in and knock or shame the competition, as every company & carrier has their unique set of pros and cons. We also are NOT a Sales company, nor do we pedal push products of ANY kind. We set ourselves apart however by working with over 32 carriers over all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Essentially making us the National one stop shop for all things generational wealth, Tax free wealth building, Life & Health Insurance, and all forms of risk management.As a brokerage dedicated to establishing health, wellness, and wealth for all, its safe to assume Personal growth is of upmost importance to us. Our mission is Devoted to providing unparalleled customer service, and going that extra mile for all our clients. With the strategies, expertise, and connections we have established over the last 6 years in business, we can truly help anyone in any situation establish great health and financial prosperity, we are however still selective with whom we take on as clients. This is because many strategies and vehicles we use to take our clients to their goals and dreams often times require applications and strict approval guidelines, which require a good amount of collaboration and communication. We stick with clients for Their entire lifetime, acting as their point of contact, guide, and advocate for all things wealth accumulation & ,healthcare management. It is PARAMOUNT that the collaboration and communication between our financial experts and clients remains open and available throughout our lifetime.We here at Norseman Financials LLC Look forward to ensuring you and your Family are protected and set up to create massive wealth for generations to come!

Our Mission

The Vikings, or Norsemen, Were a seafaring race known for their ferocity and brilliant ability to uncover and explore seemingly new worlds and territories by ship, often using rudimentary pieces of navigation equipment.Sailing is a skill used by the Norseman to enhance trade, culture, and all around prosperity as a culture. The Ability to Navigate the sea was rarely ever an easy endeavor with minimal technology. Days, weeks, months, often years spent navigating, charting, and learning the hardships the sea has to offer, to then become the worlds most renounced sailors, warriors, tradespeople and guides.Here at Norseman Financials LLC, we take these founding principles to heart. We apply them to everyday life, wealth and health care. We pride ourselves on Navigating what is difficult, steering in the right direction, and sailing with you and your family into prosperity.In America roughly 78% of ALL bankruptcies filed, are due to lack of proper financial structure and planning, and or overwhelming medical/death bills due to being underinsured, which is a rather haunting statistic considering todays economy and age gap. But as Americans, We all unfortunately have to be our own best wealth health advocates. It is not up to your job, the government, or your family to ensure you're protected and healthy, ITS YOURS!An advisors job is not to just be a point of contact for whatever path is chosen, but YOUR best advocate for your families wealth, health, and wellbeing. Ensuring individuals are protected head to toe is our passion!

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